why whatsapp not working today?
WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion month to month dynamic clients, making it one of the most famous informing applications on the planet. Be that as it may, on Sunday, May fourteenth, WhatsApp went down for a clients because of a whatsapp not working.
While this might appear as though a minor bother, it really features a significant issue with WhatsApp’s framework. WhatsApp is possessed by Facebook, and depends on Facebook’s servers to work. This actually intends that assuming Facebook’s servers go down, so does WhatsApp.
why whatsapp not working today?
This is a major issue for WhatsApp clients, as it implies that they are totally helpless before Facebook’s servers. On the off chance that Facebook generally dislikes its servers, WhatsApp will likewise go down. This is something that should be fixed to keep up with its situation as one of the top informing applications on the planet.

whatsapp not working Today.

whatsapp not working overall today, passing on great many clients without admittance to the well known informing application. The reason for the blackout isn’t yet known, yet Whatsapp says reestablishing service is working. This is the second time in as numerous months that Whatsapp has experienced a significant blackout, bringing up issues about the soundness of the stage.

What Happened?

whatsapp not working overall today, creating far reaching frenzy and turmoil. The informing application went down around 1 p.m. ET, with clients revealing that they couldn’t send or get messages.
The blackout seemed, by all accounts, to be influencing all clients, no matter what their area or gadget. WhatsApp is one of the most well known informing applications on the planet, with north of 1 billion dynamic clients.
why whatsapp not working today?
So what precisely occurred? As per a WhatsApp representative, the blackout was brought about by “a specialized issue.” The organization is as yet attempting to fix the issue, yet it’s not satisfactory when administration will be reestablished.
This isn’t whenever WhatsApp first has encountered a blackout – in 2017, the application went down for a few hours, causing comparable frenzy among its clients. In any case, this is by a long shot the longest and most broad blackout that WhatsApp has at any point experienced.

The Reason for the whatsapp not working?

whatsapp not working all over the planet today, creating broad frenzy and turmoil. Yet, what caused the accident, and for what reason did it work out?
There are a couple of hypotheses drifting around regarding what caused the accident. One is that another update to the application caused an error that cut everything down. One more is that programmers could have been behind it, focusing on the application in a DDoS assault.
Anything the reason, obviously something turned out badly on an exceptionally large scope. Whatsapp is one of the most famous informing applications on the planet, with north of 1 billion dynamic clients. So when its servers go down, it significantly affects individuals’ lives.
Fortunately Whatsapp is as of now dealing with a fix, and ideally things will have returned to ordinary soon. whatsapp not working Meanwhile, we’ll simply need to track down alternate ways of keeping in contact with our loved ones!

Whatsapp Server Down in Europe

whatsapp not working  were down for clients in Europe earlier today. The blackout seems to have begun around 9AM GMT, with clients announcing that they couldn’t send or get messages.
Whatsapp has not yet put out an announcement on the blackout, however it is accepted to be brought about by a blackout at one of its server farms. This is the second time in under a month that Whatsapp has encountered a blackout, after a comparable occurrence on November sixth.
We will refresh this article as more data opens up.

whatsapp not working  in India

Whatsapp servers went down in India today, causing enormous disturbances for clients the nation over. The organization has not yet made an announcement on the blackout, however being brought about by an issue with one of their servers is accepted. This is the second time in about fourteen days that Whatsapp has had serious issues, after an issue with their Android application made it crash for some clients.
Fortunately Whatsapp seems, by all accounts, to be turning out again for most clients in India, in spite of the fact that there might in any case be a few disturbances. We will keep on observing the circumstance and update this article as more data opens up.

How to Get Around this Problem?

Assuming you were one of the many individuals impacted by the whatsapp not working today, you’re likely considering how to get around this issue. Fortunately, there are perhaps a couple ways that you can approach doing this.
One of the most straightforward ways of getting around this issue is to just utilize another informing application. There are a lot of different choices out there that will permit you to keep in contact with your loved ones without depending on WhatsApp. A portion of our top choices incorporate Message, Signal, and iMessage.
In the event that you totally need to involve WhatsApp for reasons unknown, there are a couple workarounds that you can attempt. One is to utilize WhatsApp Web, which is the electronic variant of the application. Another is to download a more seasoned rendition of the application from an informal source. Remember that these workarounds may not work for everybody, but rather they’re certainly worth an attempt assuming that you’re frantic.
Ideally, this article has assisted you with sorting out some way to get around the issue of WhatsApp servers crashing today.


The present whatsapp not working was a disappointing occasion for the majority of us, yet it’s memorable’s essential that these things occur every once in a while. Fortunately the group at WhatsApp is as of now dealing with a fix, and we ought to be generally back up and informing our loved ones quickly. Meanwhile, attempt to partake in the break from innovation and invest some energy disconnected with your loved ones.

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